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Scholarship in Pakistan

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Seven Most Famous Scholarships in Pakistan Introduction It has become as clear as a crystal that education plays a vital role in the development of a nation. So for the…

PayG Blocker Package

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PayG Blocker Package is the Service of Telenor. PayG Blocker Services is Lock Your SIM Balance While Using the Internet. Many Of Us Use Telenor SIM. When We Subscribe any…

check sim number on cnic

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Pakistan All Telecommunication Company provides all Information to its SIM owner. You can check SIM Number on CNIC of All Network if you have a PTA registered SIM.  If you…

ecat test 2020

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Ecat 2020 Official Date Announced by uet. Ecat test will be held on 13&14june 2020. Ecat test will be conducted online in allocated centers of UET by Virtual University. Ecat…

ECAT Test Date and test Criteria

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According to new Official Notification released by UET Admission policy for undergraduate Admissions. ECAT test will be held Between June or at the end of June after intermediate theory Examination…

Telenor balance lock code

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Telenor balance lock code prevents usage of balance during the usage of the internet. we face a problem of balance charge when we do not subscribe overall internet package we…

Jazz balance Lock Code

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jazz balance lock code is Lock our SIM balance and we Use the internet without Loss of SIM balance. Usually, we Subscribe Whatsapp or Facebook or Youtube package Only but…

Zong balance lock code

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Zong balance lock code is Lock Your balance and You Can Use the Internet without loss of balance. Using this Code You Will have prevented balance loss during the Usage…

پاکستان انٹیلی جینس آئی ایس ائی جوائن کریں لیکن کیسے؟مکمل تفصیلات جانئے

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آئی ایس آئی پاکستنان کی انٹیلی جینس ایجنسی کا زشمار دنیا کی بہترین بلکہ نمبر ایجنسی میں ہوتا ہے۔ پاکستن انٹیلی جینس میں مارخور کی تصویر بھی شامل ہے کیونکہ…

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