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MDCAT past papers

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MDCAT Past papers is Very Important to  MDCAT Students.By Preparing MDCAT Past Papers 40% of your MDCAT test is cover Because Mostly MCQS are Repeated.In UHS Past Papers More time syllabus is change and also test criteria changed but MCQs Not Changed.40% Plus Mcqs is fom past Papers and 10 % Mcqs have in Past papers but Method of presenting of Mcqs was Change Little.

Four Subjects are Includes in MDCAT test.Biology,chemistry,physics and Math. Before 2019 the total Number of MCQs was 220. 88 Mcq Form Biology and 30 Mcqs Form English and 58 Mcqs Form Chemistry and 44 Mcqs Form Phyics.Every MCQs have Five Marks and Negative marking Have in it and Total Number was MDCAT is 2019 the MCqs was 200 and markes of Mcqs was one and Negative Marking was removed.

MDCAT Past Paper 2019

Here Is MDCAT Past Paper of 2019 in Pdf Fomat.It was not Printable.Click Below Button to Download.

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