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Police Online Test Preparation of All Posts. This Test was prepared For those Students who Can not Join Academy and Want to Preparation of Test. we Give this solution to Students to Prepare the Written Test of Police Online. All Question was Important. Attempt All Questions.

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1. Full Form if WiFi?


2. WhatsApp was Founded in which year?


3. Outer Surface of the Sun is called?


4. Currency of China


5. Translate from Urdu to English

وہ گیا ایسا گیاکہ گیاہی گیا۔


6. Quaid e Azam resign from membership of Legislative Council In?


7. Area in which rainfall is less than 250mm per year is called?


8. Prayer of Eid is?


9. Ateeq Title Of Which Sahabi?


10. Sixth Most populated Country of the world is ?


11. National Language of Pakistan Urdu Decelerd in which year?


12. Gawadr Pakistan was purchased From ?


13. Which cricketer hold world record of maximum runs in test cricket?


14. Pakistan has become members of UNO is ?


15. Choose Appropriate Answer:

All Jobs are respectable ………….. of their Nature?


16. Abbreviation of police is?


17. Choose Correct answer

We are Happy to ………… the receipt of your order?


18. Dr. Abdual Salam was Nobel  Prize was Awarded in?


19. Country which grow most fruits in world?


20. 1st High peak is Everest, 2nd High peak is k2, then 3rd peak is?


21. Process of removing unwanted images from MS office is called?


22. Hazrat Adam A.S is word of which language?


23. rings in Olympic Flag How many Numbers?


24. “Saqi Zam Zam” called?


25. Road Density in Pakistan was?


26. Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A merchant of?


27. Abudal Rehman was attached with art of


28. Which of following animal is taxable for Zakat?


29. Kashmir Distance from Pakistan was?


30. Abbreviation of GPRS is


31. National vegetable of Pakistan?


32. Masjid was Founded by Hazrat Sulman A.S ?


33. In which country Astola Island Situated?


34. Pakistan Largest Industry ?


35. CV or Curriculum vitae is Dervied From which language!


36. Languages spoken in Pakistan how many?


37. Which surah of Quran was twice Bismillah?


38. Dasu Dam Was  Located?


39. Article of 1973 Constitution was related to National Language of Pakistan?


40. Sky News was Channel of which country?


41. National Museum of Pakistan was located in?


42. Which Format is added to power point show?


43. M-4 Motoway link?


44. CRT Techenology is Used in ?


45. Which Continent has No Desert?


46. Bacteria is very……………….. Small Organism?


47. Country won First Champion of Hockey trophy?


48. Pakistan Constitution 1973 has been amended?


49. Ghazwat Number mentioned in Holy QurItan ?


50. How many Muslim Countries in Asian World?


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