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SIM Code You Should Know

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SIM Code of Jazz and SIM Code of Telenor and SIM Code of Zong and SIM code of Ufone basic code you should know.

We have listed some basic SIM Code of jazz,Zong,Telenor and Ufone which help you lot. This basic SIM code are essential for every one to know.

Jazz SIM Code

  • Jazz SIM balance Checking Code is *111# to check jazz SIM Balance.Checking of Jazz SIM balance charges was 0.15 rupee every time when you check.
  • Jazz MB check code was *114*1*2# and Check remaining mb of jazz sim.
  • SMS remaining Check Code of jazz was *101* dialing this code you can check jazz remaining sms .
  • Minutes Check of jazz code was *110#. Check remaining Minutes of jazz.
  • To Check jazz SIM Number code is *99#. You can check jazz sim number by this code.
  • jazz SIM lago offer code was *551# to get free jazz Mbs, sms and minutes.
  • Get loan/advance jazz code was *112#.Now you can get two time jazz advance/loan.
  • Share jazz balance code was *100*92Number*amount#. You can share jazz balance minimum 15 to 200 ruppes. Charges of Sharing jazz balance is 4+tax.
  • Internet setting of jazz you can get by sending sms write “Internet” and send to 7342.

Zong SIM Code

  • *222# by this code you can check Zong SIM balance.
  • Zong remaining Mbs check code is *102*4#.
  • Check remaining Zong sms code by dialing *102*3#.
  • Minute checking code of zong was *102* can also check Zong Minutes by sending sms write “p” and send it to 102.
  • Zong Sim Number checking code was *8#.
  • sim lago offer of Zong code was * Zong sim lago offer you get 6000 Minutes, 6000 sms and 4000 Internet mbs valid for 60 days.
  • advance Zong/loan you can get by sending an empty sms to 911. Zong advance code *911#.
  • Balance share zong by sending an sms to 999 and. Write Number and give space and write amount . after send sms of zong balance share confirm by replay with y.

Telenor SIM code

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