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Sold on a Monday

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Let’s Discover Why” Sold on a Monday” Is The Best Seller On Amazon by Kristina Mcmorris!!!

Sold on a Monday

Before going to discuss the novel , it is better to know a little about the author of the book Kristina Mcmorris.

Introduction to Kristina Mcmorris

No doubt that Kristina Mcmorris is the best seller author of New York Times and USA today.She is an American author. She has produced five novels. She has secured many awards for her writing pieces.

Most of the novels revolve around the families who are from two different races as she also has two different cultures at her home. Her father was a Japanese and her mother was an American. So she consciously or unconsciously talks about the feeling and the happenings among such families who have two different races.

General review of the book

This will be quite unquestionable if it is said that the novel “Sold on a Monday ” by Kristina Mcmorris is going to be good memory years after years. The characters are beautifully described and we observe the development of the characters in the novel. Kristina Mcmorris has taken her readers back to the scene of the economic depression in 1931.

Somewhere the novel has made you cry.But ultimately you fell in love with the two children who are going to be sold.All though they are not present in the novel as a character but the presence of those children you can feel everywhere. As she has develop this novel and the characters after getting inspired by a stunning piece of history from depression era in America. She has tried to to make it clear in front of us today in 2020 that how miserable the life was at the time in 1931 with economic depression.

Sold on a Monday

Kristina Mcmorris has written this novel after getting inspired by a photo that titles “2 children are for sale”. The title has made her emotional that how is it possible for a mother to decide to sell her sons.

The story begins with Ellice Reed who is a struggling reporter and roaming here and there in the streets. Suddenly he comes across with the sign board with the caption 2 children are for sale. He suddenly took a few of a pictures of that but he has not any idea to publish these photographs.

When the secretary of the newspaper is developing the photograph in the darkroom of Ellice Reed , Lillian Palmer is wondered of the power of the photographs. That she has asked him to write an article on this but he was unable to make up his mind to show the sufferings of others to the world.

Economic depression era in 1931 was the time when everybody wants to eat something there was a huge sacricity of food so the mother of the two children did not remain able to feed and clothe her kids she decided to sell them out.

Undoubtedly the decision is heart-wrenching. But the mother has made this decision to feed her children.


Hence it is very clear that Kristina’s sold on a Monday is a novel of love and redemption. Where a mother has to take unexpected decisions. She has to make choice of love and necessity.

Kristina Mcmorris proginant historical novel will mesmerize her fans. The Reader is not going to leave the novel until he goes through the whole. As Kristina Mcmorris is famous for her ability to take her readers back into the scenes she has beautifully done in the novel sold on a Monday.

So I shall I highly recommend you if you are a novel lover you must read “Sold on a Monday.”

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