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The fault in our stars

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The fault in our stars is a novel written by John Green. The fault in our stars is Solo Novel and this Novel was the award Best Selling Novel in 2012 of the New York Times. The title of this book is much inspired by the paly of Shakespeare Julius Caesar.

A Movie was Made made on this Novel in 2014. The fault in our stars movie gets Famous in Box Office in 2014. Another movie was made on this in 2015 but this time movie Not get Hit in the n box office. Fox Star American Movie company make a movie in 2014.

Short Story Of Novel

Story of this Novel was round between one 16-year-old Girl Hazle Grace and 17-year-old boy Augusts water. both are patient. Of Disease. Hazle was a patient of Thyroid Cancer and Augusts was patient of leg Disease osteosarcoma.

at One meeting August and Hazel meet in Support Cancer Group when August takes his friend Issac. Issac was a patient of Eye Cancer. After meeting they begin to talk.

At once Everything was Going Good, August Do Smoking but Hazel pulled his cigarette out and ask him Don’t do that. I am already a patient of cancer. After this, they Go to Home and watch a movie.

After watching a movie they Bond and agree to read favorite Novels. Hezel Give Augusts perioral Affliction Novel. which was about stick Cancer Girl patient. In return, August gives Hazel The Price of Dawn.

The Fault in Our Star
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when Augusts Finish reading Novel. The Novel was incomplete because Novel was Continue. They tried to contact with Van Houten. Augusts send two emails to Van Houten and asked Questions regarding Novel Fate of the mother of Anna. Van Houten replied that he gave the answer of this question personally.

Novel Attention

A picnic after week, Hazel Got tickets through wish a Foundation. And meet up with Van August’s show love for Hazel on the plane. Van Houten’s behavior was misbehaving and he starts insult of Hazel Cancer. Assistant of Van Houten Hadjiw leave Van Houten and take Hazel and Augusts to his house where both share his First Kiss.

In Amsterdam, they Enjoy Stars Night and do some activity in the Hotel Room. Hazel Cancer was serious but both were in love and support each other. After Return the Health of August was down and he was admitted to ICU. When Augusts see his health he called his friend Issac and Hazel. After this Soon, Augusts has died. Later Van Houten realized his mistake. He apologized to Hazel but Hazel Don’t Forgive him.

Hazle knows that imperial Affliction was Not written in sequence when he read letters but he wasn’t to hurt.

Choice of Your you what like and you Hurt

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